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Roskilde, Danmark

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About Foredrag: Havørredfiskeri

About the outfitter

SEATROUTS in the fjords lecture: At this event, you will learn how to catch seatrouts in the fjords around Roskilde. You will furthermore get all the theory needed to tackle the seatrouts.

The boat, ROLK 1

ROLK 1 is certified and approved by:
The Danish Maritime Authority

Cancelation Policy

As long as the trip has not been confirmed by Foredrag: Havørredfiskeri, you can cancel the trip and you will not be charged. If or when the trip has ... + Read more


When a trip has been booked, the payment will only be authorized. Only if and when the trip has been confirmed by Foredrag: Havørredfiskeri, you will be charged.

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Roskilde, Roskilde
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January 2018 (Week 3)

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Foredrag: Havørredfiskeris Location

Havnevej 43
4000 Roskilde, Danmark

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